ayt bergerak

#Future Novelist & Doctor :D
what u feel when u didn't get what people have promised to u ?

i'm sure most of u guys had going through in this situation right. talking about this i wanna say something. please dont make a promise if u cant afford to do it darl. it may break others heart. waiting to get the thing promises feel like everyday is a hope. whether its a dumb or not. dont be too naive . thats what i learnt. people will treat u like a child that just can be angry but cant do anything. how could ever the promiser do that. such an awful. this world is great . its just filled up with some kind of people. 

some are born with silver spoon in mouth. while some are maybe just never had spoon in their mouth. basically struggle in ur life to get the better way in life. geniuses , wealthness, beautifulness its a gift. the other that didnt get this must have to double work or just let it go. 

thats all today.. what i gonna do .. its been many months to wait. plus i didnt get it first but the other one get. why didnt i? cz i just keep in silent. cry soundly.. cant move,, cant talk a single thing. or else i will get words of harshness that finally will broke my heart again for the sec time. 

i really hope for that. deep in my heart. please. im just teenage that wanna have a good day in my life. being matured ,, good-looking.. im not a child anymore. im big now.. girl to lady. that's i am . a lady now. treat me well so i can remember what have u done to me. 

a lady to be.